This blog has moved Meet my favourite new backup tool: Duplicity. It can do incremental encrypted backups to a variety of destinations, for example ssh, webdav, Amazon S3. It also seems fast compared to other solutions I've tried, and its really really simple to get going!

Farewell, rsnapshot and rdiff-backup!

HD DVB-T2 terrestrial TV using the PCTV Nanostick 290e

This blog has moved I've been following this project for a while; I've even contributed some reverse engineering work to it. (I bought one of the devices from dabs a while back). Note that the majority of the work has been done by Steve Kerrison and Antti Palosaari.

However, up until today I've been unable to use it as I didn't have a DVB-T2 signal. This changed on the 15th of June when Craigkelly's digital switchover was completed. Unfortunately the driver isn't available in mainline linux yet, so I've just forward-ported it to 2.6.39. The temp patch is available here.

It seems to work fine; I'm using (an unmodified!) tvheadend as a headend, and XBMC as a network client. Its a pity the actual content is still as poor :)

kindle devkey problems?

This blog has moved  Hi, a number of people have reported problems with my kindle devkeys 0.2 and the 3.1 firmware. I can't seem to replicate the problem here on two kindles (both K3GB - UK wifi+3G).

I've just reinstalled the latest jailbreak from mobileread. I then deleted my keystore from the device and reinstalled it from the zipfile downloaded from my adqmisc googlecode project. Result: works fine.

Obviously something is affecting some people though, but as I can't replicate it, I'm at a loss as to what it is. I can only suggest a few things to try out:

1) it could perhaps be some of the other files in the keystore directory. If someone wants to try sshing in and :

cd /var/local/java/keystore
rm .* *

That should wipe everything. Then reinstall my devkeys (the above will zap them) and try again.

Update: I've created a standard kindle update that will do these steps, available here. If you're using the latest jailbreak, you'll need to add "update_zapdevkeys" to the end of  "<Kindleusb>/linkjail/etc/whitelist, or the update will fail with a U007 error.

I can't guarantee it'll help as I can't replicate the problem, but its the only thing I can think of. You'll still need to reinstall my devkeys afterwards. Please let me know  either way!

2) Another thing springs to mind: check the date on the kif.azw2 file on the kindle's USB exported filing system; perhaps the kindle is checking this against the key somehow? 

Update: I don't think its (2) - just tried setting the date on the file to 1-jan-1970 and 1-jan-3000, but it still loads fine here.