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Andrew de Quincey's livejournal

just testing

Meet my favourite new backup tool: Duplicity. It can do incremental encrypted backups to a variety of destinations, for example ssh, webdav, Amazon S3. It also seems fast compared to other solutions I've tried, and its really really simple to get going!

Farewell, rsnapshot and rdiff-backup!

HD DVB-T2 terrestrial TV using the PCTV Nanostick 290e
I've been following this project for a while; I've even contributed some reverse engineering work to it. (I bought one of the devices from dabs a while back). Note that the majority of the work has been done by Steve Kerrison and Antti Palosaari.

However, up until today I've been unable to use it as I didn't have a DVB-T2 signal. This changed on the 15th of June when Craigkelly's digital switchover was completed. Unfortunately the driver isn't available in mainline linux yet, so I've just forward-ported it to 2.6.39. The temp patch is available here.

It seems to work fine; I'm using (an unmodified!) tvheadend as a headend, and XBMC as a network client. Its a pity the actual content is still as poor :)

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation
Cascade IR PanoramaAcceleratorBridge HDRCascade From the Other SideCascadeCeiling
CicelyCrowd SceneCurlDoorwayEntranceEye
Facial CaterpillarField Panorama IRFlowerHornIslandLandscape Panorama IR
LeverLinesMirror Seat 2Mirror StumpMirror StumpsMirror

Beltane Pillars Panorama
Beltane Pillars Panorama by adq_uk
Beltane Pillars Panorama, a photo by adq_uk on Flickr.

Interesting; didn't think this would have worked at all!

Beltane 2011
Beltane Wildlifebeltane1beltane2beltane3beltane4

Beltane 2011, a set on Flickr.

Some mostly infrared pics from Beltane 2011

London Trip
AkuBig ArmBig HeadBull LeaperCage CrinolineCast of Trajan's Column
Cat StatueCeilingChandelierClosed for RefurbishmentCloseup of Trajan's ColumnMan Fishing
FaceFiguresFrench Day DressGalleryGirl at the Victoria and AlbertHall
N tries to blend inRoarSilver SpoonSilverwareStatues 2Statues

London Trip, a set on Flickr.

Ullapool Trip
ArrivedBlueBoat Trip!BoatCairnChoppy
CurveDistant HillsDown the (Sea) LochFat Bottomed SpiderFerryFloating Islands
Getting ReadyGrasshopperGrounded DeckHairy CaterpillarHarbourHills Over Sea
HillsIsland SettlementIslandLighthouse DetailLighthouse from the SeaLighthouse

Ullapool Trip, a set on Flickr.

CARGO @ The Edinburgh Mela 2010
CARGO 1.jp2CARGO 2.jp2CARGO 3.jp2CARGO 4.jp2CARGO 5.jp2CARGO 6.jp2
CARGO 7.jp2CARGO 8.jp2CARGO 9.jp2CARGO 10.jp2CARGO 11.jp2CARGO 12.jp2
CARGO 13.jp2CARGO 14.jp2CARGO 15.jp2CARGO 16.jp2CARGO 17.jp2CARGO 18.jp2
CARGO 19.jp2CARGO 20.jp2CARGO 21.jp2CARGO 22.jp2CARGO 23.jp2CARGO Panorama.png

Gormley 4BikeBridgeGallery of Modern ArtGateGormley 1
Gormley 2Gormley 3Gormley 5Gormley 6Great Junction Street BridgeFishes
HouseLampLarvaMouthsSwan NestSwan
Weir 2Western HarbourWings

Gormleys, a set on Flickr.