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Andrew de Quincey's livejournal

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A Walk in the Wind
A 15 minute walk in the winds currently battering Edinburgh.

NOTE: This is a binaural recording; you MUST use headphones to get the proper effect!


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I've been googling for the 4 hrs, and have come across your python code for the BT eFrame1000....

One of the features is to use a pointer to files on your pc, and the frame then merrily collects them via smb (i think) every minute or so....

What the windows client doesn't allow you to do is to point the frame directly at say a Samba share !???? on a NAS......It pulls the files via the PC hosted shares..... any chance you fancy a crack at this ????

my coding days are long gone....

It would certainly be worth a doantion for the time and effort.

I have a couple of WD mybook world II's NAS's running busybox which I can optware python onto...

It really would be something else to be able to point the frame at the NAS shares rather than the PC.

Let me know how to get in touch more directly...



Thanks, but I've already freecycled my eframe... didn't really live up to what I'd hoped.

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