adq (adq) wrote,

HD DVB-T2 terrestrial TV using the PCTV Nanostick 290e

This blog has moved I've been following this project for a while; I've even contributed some reverse engineering work to it. (I bought one of the devices from dabs a while back). Note that the majority of the work has been done by Steve Kerrison and Antti Palosaari.

However, up until today I've been unable to use it as I didn't have a DVB-T2 signal. This changed on the 15th of June when Craigkelly's digital switchover was completed. Unfortunately the driver isn't available in mainline linux yet, so I've just forward-ported it to 2.6.39. The temp patch is available here.

It seems to work fine; I'm using (an unmodified!) tvheadend as a headend, and XBMC as a network client. Its a pity the actual content is still as poor :)

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