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Andrew de Quincey's livejournal

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KIF 0.5
 Finally got some time to update this a bit:
  • Get timed events working - freefall and z-life should now work properly.
  • Add about page.
  • Sort out licensing.

It is available from here. If you've already rooted+installed my developer keys, all you need to do is unzip it onto your kindle over USB. If you're installing for the first time, please see here for instructions.
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Hey, how about USB host for HTC Hero project?

I've not really had the interest to do anything on that for a while; not really interested in developing a proper host/gadget driver for it considering it has already been done in the codeaurora project.


This is great. I hope that you keep up the good work.

Hiya, Ive been following your great work on my own kindle. Ive noticed you use a different set of keys to sign kif than you discussed on ktest and from what http://kindlebru.com/ posts. Is there a reason for this?

The ones in kif cant be used to sign a kindlet. Are they the same but derived from dntest/ditest/dktest??? Ive searched but cant work out how you generated those and none of the make keystore scripts make a keystore like you distribute for kif.

It would seem that there should be one universal set of signing keys for these homebrew dev kindlets, otherwise we need a way of combining keystores from multiple developers?? If dnadq/etc are the ones then how do i sign against that? I dont want to have to change keys to run my stuff, and then change back to run yours...

The 'adq' ones for kif are my public keys only; I'm keeping the private ones private.

My reasons are I wanted to have a way of proving which binary releases I had created to assure people which binaries I had definitely released. Also, I want to have a way to prove this in case Amazon object to something someone else does (e.g. excessive network usage or something).

Merging keystores is the way I would say. Normal Java comes with a program called "keytool" which can do exactly that, but that isn't present on the kindle. However, it should be straightforward to write a small java program using the java security API (http://download.oracle.com/javase/1.4.2/docs/api/java/security/KeyStore.html), runnable at key-install time to merge them.

Hi, I've just built and released the keystore merging code, http://adq.livejournal.com/113734.html

absolutely wonderful

Fantastic job. Just installed this on my K3 WiFi following your instructions, took 3 minutes. Works great!!! Only wish that .z8 stories could run (thinking about Anchorhead).

If you had a Paypal Donate button on your site, I would gladly send you five bucks.

Are you planning to release a new version?

Thx for this incredible app.

Re: Update?

I've just got this game out again, thanks!

I would love to see an update for this that handles long menus (ie if you have >20 game files they go off the page and you can't access them). Other than that, it's a sweet piece of kit. Thanks.

Thanks Adq, for this great Z machine interpreter.

I have loved these games for 30 years.

It would be great if you could support more than 24 games in the load game screen by adding a second page.

KIF also loads the z5 version of Adventure, which is of course free, so you could include it in KIF.

One thing you might want to fix, is to add the ability to load the *.DAT files Infocom originally shipped their games as. Frotz has this capability.

A work-around is to open your DAT file in a hex editor. The first digit is the z machine version of your DAT file, usually 3.

Then rename the file from *.DAT to *.z#, where # is the digit you found. KIF loads the files after renaming, so you could automate this rather easily.

The DAT files from the Lost Treasures of Infocom work when renamed as follows:




The Kindle supports long file names, so these files can then be given more intelligent names.

Note that z5 versions of LEATHER, ZORK1, ZORK2, and ZORK3 exist. The last 3 are freely downloadable.

I have not been able to get the z6 games to work by this method, but considering their graphics, this is not surprising.

Again, thank you. If we can encourage Amazon to sell KIF as an official app in anyway, please ask.

Hi thanks for this useful reply! I must get back to kif and sort out the remaining niggly issues.

Utilising the ZMPP Updates?


Are you going to utilise the updates to ZMPP to get glux running or is that as difficult and time consuming as it sounds?

Just thought I'd let you know I get a lot of use out of this program (Public Transport really sucks in Adelaide / ie a lot of (slow) bus routes). I really appreciate the work you've done, and even as a supposed 'alpha' release it's a handy thing to have and gets as much use as all the other kindlets (both official and unofficial) combined.

That may change when the Raspberry Pi comes out though:

The idea of running one of these off a battery in my bag and using the Kindle as the front end (someone's got VNC running now) is awesome. Plan on messing with the RP, or is it too mainstream for your hacking interests? I must admit I hope you get back into Kindle Dev. It's people like you that add value to our everyday items. Thanks a lot!


Re: Utilising the ZMPP Updates?

I definitely now have some more kif development planned.

text size

I was hoping that there would be a new version of kif by now , I was waiting because
I cant use kif 0.5, the text is way to small . is there a way to fix this ? , any help would be great. I would love to play infocom on my kindle

Yeah sorry, I've had too much other stuff going on, work and family related to have much time for it.... I would like to get back onto it sometime soon.

hope your life is working out good mate.

your kindlet still rages on with use.

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