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Andrew de Quincey's livejournal

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KIF 0.3
A few more fixes and tweaks completed...

New shiny things:
  • Lots of display model fixes - curses is working even better.
  • Added command history (use UP and DOWN on 5-button control) - decided it was essential after testing on the bus this morning :)
What's missing still?
  • If you type RESTART into curses, it forgets the screen size.
  • Implement caret on bottom window.
  • I've not implemented the code for timed events; easy to do, just too late just now to do so.
  • Need to persist the game state when you hit HOME on the kindle.
It is available from here. If you've already rooted+installed my developer keys, all you need to do is unzip it onto your kindle over USB. If you're installing for the first time, please see here for instructions.

You can play The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy in all its textual glory over here. Incidentally, its a Java applet running a z3 file....

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Hitch-hiker's Guide: Serial Number

Too bad that one now needs a serial number to play.

I believe the game is somewhere in..

How would you name Hitch-hiker's Guide's z3? I would go with hhgg.z3


Re: Hitch-hiker's Guide: Serial Number

Yeah, oddly enough that would be exactly the name I'd use!

small question.. mod of kif

Hi, I have small question - would be possible to mod KIF so in menu will be added "open a book" and after that I will be able to browse mobi files in work directory (included folders) and selected book will be copied to folder documents?

It will be a great tool to have all books sorted in work area and be able to copy chosen book to document for reading without need to connect to computer..

Re: small question.. mod of kif

The main problem: kindlets aren't allowed to access (read or write) the documents folder - they can only acccess their "work" folder within their subdirectory.

It would probably be doable if you modified the OS policy file, but I think this should definitely a separate application.

Re: small question.. mod of kif

well, so the only app which is able to write is a web browser?

So somehow force web browser to save the selected file?

Re: small question.. mod of kif

Yeah, that's about the only thing I can think of without doing something fairly intrusive. As you've probably spotted the browser only allows certain file types to be saved; I'm wondering if there's a config file somewhere which controls this. I'll have a quick look!

Are you aware that none of your Google Code hosted code can be used on the Kindle outside of hacking? It's LPGL'd and anything on the Kindle can't be changed, therefore it's unusable code, outside of jailbreaking the Kindle.

So even with legit developer access, no one can use this code legitimately.

Maybe you could move all of this over to github and put an Apache license on it?

I've not had time to sort the licensing out yet which is why its still in my "adqmisc" project; still in the middle of bugfixing. Sometime later this week hopefully.

I'll be creating a proper google code project for it and my other planned apps.

A thought...

I love Kif... thank you ever so much for doing this. It's brought new life back to those old adventures games for me.

Here's a feature suggestion that occurred to me... could the directional pad be made to move you around, perhaps together with the ALT key? That way you could move around game locations quicker than having to type N E etc

Re: A thought...

oh! Thats an interesting idea yeah!

Great job

Thanx! Great application. Are you stil working on it?
Pity large z8-games (Make it good and other) working too slow.

Hmm, busy decorating just now; not felt the urge for any non-work geeking :)

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