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Andrew de Quincey's livejournal

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Android USB progress
I finally made some progress on the Android USB code last night; I've got the codeaurora USB host/function code pretty much integrated into the Hero source tree: it builds cleanly.

Right now it only switches based on the USB OTG ID pin (much like the Droid's usb host support does). I don't want to force people to use that if they don't want to, so I just need to add a software override switch into /sys.

That won't take long, so after that, its test/debug time!

As for the joggler, the final piece I need to get going is the IEGD driver; I've downloaded it, but not had time to patch/build the kernel module yet.

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I just want to encourage you in your work.
Maybe you could set up a paypal acount so people could send you donations for your work?

Keep the good work up!

Tempting idea! but I tend to go through phases of development where I don't do much on a project for a while; I wouldn't want to piss people off who'd donated by not appearing to do anything for a while...

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