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Andrew de Quincey's livejournal

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Android USB progress
I finally made some progress on the Android USB code last night; I've got the codeaurora USB host/function code pretty much integrated into the Hero source tree: it builds cleanly.

Right now it only switches based on the USB OTG ID pin (much like the Droid's usb host support does). I don't want to force people to use that if they don't want to, so I just need to add a software override switch into /sys.

That won't take long, so after that, its test/debug time!

As for the joggler, the final piece I need to get going is the IEGD driver; I've downloaded it, but not had time to patch/build the kernel module yet.

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We've got our Hero phone on the way and are very excited to try this out!


Android USB-OTG - Thanks a lot!!!

Android USB-OTG - Thanks a lot for working on this!!!

Re: Android USB-OTG - Thanks a lot!!!

I think I'm going to go back on my OTG plans - will detail the reasons in the next post. It'll still be switchable, just not by OTG.

This switching code would work on Milestones?

As per subject, the idea of there being a software switch that enables host mode is extremely interesting; would this work on other Android 2.x phones, like the Droid?

Re: This switching code would work on Milestones?

Hmm, the Motorola ones are based on the TI OMAP system on a chip, so the host/gadget drivers are in the kernel; I think I did have a quick look into whether they had a software switch a while back, but couldn't any one in the kernel source. I don't own either device, so I didn't look for more then half an hour or so though.

I do know that the Nokia N770, which was based on a much older generation of TI OMAP could switch between host and gadget mode in software. Definitely sounds like it would be feasible for someone to code something up; after all, all its really doing is disabling one driver and enabling another.

Re: This switching code would work on Milestones?

Purely hypothetically right now, but would this be something you could help with if we lent you a Milestone device?

Re: This switching code would work on Milestones?

Yeah, definitely; I can't imagine it would be very hard to add...

Re: This switching code would work on Milestones?

Tried to move the loan idea to an email discussion - maybe I used null email address or maybe email got spam tagged...

USB Audio

I wonder if we will ever be able to use a USB audio device with an android phone.

Right now,there are millions of android devices out there which are like mini laptops, and to my knowledge not one of them can record stereo audio, something I find amazing.


hi there, did you get the iegd driver working on the joggler/android?

Not had the time yet unfortunately.


I just want to encourage you in your work.
Maybe you could set up a paypal acount so people could send you donations for your work?

Keep the good work up!

Tempting idea! but I tend to go through phases of development where I don't do much on a project for a while; I wouldn't want to piss people off who'd donated by not appearing to do anything for a while...

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