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Joggler/openpeak backlight and light sensor code
OKdoke, some more joggler code ready. If you look here, you'll find:

  • A patch to add the joggler's backlight control to the proper kernel backlight framework
  • A userspace program to read the light sensor value over the i2c bus.
  • Oh, the sound patch is on v2 now 'cos I'd accidentally left some cruft in.

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i2c c code

(Seems my first attempt did not get through - sorry if this is a repeat.)

My connection to the Joggler i2c bus is recorded here -

I can use i2cset etc with my external i2c devices but the c code that I used for NSLU2/Slug, Bifferboard and Sweex router will not run on the Joggler. It compiles and seems to run but the 'scope shows no activity on the bus.

Since I believe you wrote readlightsensor.c I would very much appreciate your opinion of what is different in the Joggler!

It is published for NSLU2/Slug Debian here -

Hi, sorry its taken me a while to get back to you; did you have any success in the meantime?

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