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Joggler/openpeak backlight and light sensor code
OKdoke, some more joggler code ready. If you look here, you'll find:

  • A patch to add the joggler's backlight control to the proper kernel backlight framework
  • A userspace program to read the light sensor value over the i2c bus.
  • Oh, the sound patch is on v2 now 'cos I'd accidentally left some cruft in.

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i2c c code

Many thanks for readlightsensor.c

I am trying to compile c code to read and write to i2c devices such as PCF8574.

My code works on Sweex (Openwrt), Slug NSLU2 (Debian) and Bifferboard (Debian) which is also i386.

But not on the Joggler! It compiles and runs but will not give a valid read on the PCF8574 nor will it switch the LEDs on the 8 GPIO of my PCF8574.

Could you perhaps see what is wrong? I want to do similar things with my PIC as i2c slave that also worked on my other boxes.

I use the code here on my site -

i2cset and i2cget work fine on my Joggler i2c bus extension

I will publish when it works!

I am "lesson 2" in c . . . .

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