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Joggler/openpeak backlight and light sensor code
OKdoke, some more joggler code ready. If you look here, you'll find:

  • A patch to add the joggler's backlight control to the proper kernel backlight framework
  • A userspace program to read the light sensor value over the i2c bus.
  • Oh, the sound patch is on v2 now 'cos I'd accidentally left some cruft in.

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Crackle on external audio

using ubuntu kernel 2.6.31-20 and alsa 1.0.20 there is speaker crackle when using the external audio jack. Can you give me point me roughly in the right direction as to where that problem lies. I've tried compiling against a more recent alsa but that makes no difference so I'm wondering if its possible there is something missing in your kernel patch?

The joggler itself was built against alsa 1.0.15 not sure what relevance that has.

(I'm disca on forums).

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