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Joggler/openpeak backlight and light sensor code
OKdoke, some more joggler code ready. If you look here, you'll find:

  • A patch to add the joggler's backlight control to the proper kernel backlight framework
  • A userspace program to read the light sensor value over the i2c bus.
  • Oh, the sound patch is on v2 now 'cos I'd accidentally left some cruft in.

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rs232 isn't on there.

However, the i2c bus will be present on the connector on the board which is marked "XDB", which is an Intel standard-ish - it has i2c and JTAG and a few other things on the same port.

I don't know which lines they are though; I'd use a multimeter in "beep mode" to test which are connected to a known i2c device.

Re: i2c bus

I wonder if you mean XDP not XDB? I have searched for lines from the C8051F311 chip to the J1 socket (your XDB?) but can't sort it yet.

Wish I could find a plug for it and bring the wires out.

Hmm, could very well be; unfortunately I don't have one open just now so I can't confirm.

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