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Joggler/openpeak backlight and light sensor code
OKdoke, some more joggler code ready. If you look here, you'll find:

  • A patch to add the joggler's backlight control to the proper kernel backlight framework
  • A userspace program to read the light sensor value over the i2c bus.
  • Oh, the sound patch is on v2 now 'cos I'd accidentally left some cruft in.

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Re: backlight as userland add on?

I can see where you're coming from, but you unfortunately will need to patch the kernel with the backlight driver.

The light sensor is on the i2c bus which is easily accessible from userspace as you can see.

Unfortunately the backlight is a memory mapped address on the video card's PCI space, and so needs a kernel driver to provide support.

However, once you have a kernel with that patch in it running, you can control it from userspace by writing numbers from 0->32 into the /sys/class/backlight/openframe-bl/brightness file.

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