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This is one of the things I'm looking forward to when I upgrade my phone.

I do wonder if Orange charge you the same amount for calls made using GAN. Probably.

Yeah, they do I think. Other networks don't. Kinda annoying, but if you weren't able to use it 'cos of no signal /anyway/, I suppose its better.

Also, a very cheap way of phoning home when abroad!

Argh, although it seems when people call me, they can't hear my voice.

Strangely enough, if I call them, they can hear me ok... more fiddling required, obviously!

This is fantastic. There are many people who want this over on xda developer forums! I have no idea how to implement this into my current custom rom however please keep up the good work and I'm sure many people will incorporate this into their custom roms

Hi Andrew, has there been any news on the silence issue when people call you? Thank you for your work, much appreciated.

Sorry not had the time recently. I must try again now my phone is on ics.

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