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you are a master

I'm looking forward for home to test it.

So what we can expect next? bookreader.azw2 (for sorted books) ? or flashSWF.azw2 (for swf games - like chess or sudoku? ).

that would be just a superb, fantastic, wonderfull... etc

Re: you are a master

Ta :)

I was tempted to see how easy an epub reader would be, but I reckon I should finish off the first two properly first!

rikaichan into Kindle

Hi Andrew,

It seems to be a nice job what you are doing to improve the experience of reading manga in Kindle. Good Job! I think Kindle could become a great tool for learning Japanese.

I would suggest that you try and contact the people behind the rikaichan addon for Firefox. It would be wonderful if one could pop-up a English translation for a Japanese the way rikaichan does.

I definitely would do it myself were I a programmer.

You can find rikaichan at:

Thank you,


Re: rikaichan into Kindle

That IS a good idea actually, but unfortunately there's no official API for modifying the core Kindle apps; all I can do is add new apps that are entirely self contained.

I do hope amazon enhance the platform allow this sort of thing though!

Sorry my english, but this is great site, I wil add to my favorites.

Hi, it says that the file is not found when I click on it? Can I possibly get a reuplaod please?

Thank you so much in advance for creating this btw :D


Have a look in the downloads area on the google code project - there's a newer release of the devkeys. Updated link too

Is this still an on-going project?

This looks like a really good app, I was just wondering if development was dead or if it's still on-going?

Re: Is this still an on-going project?

I've not really had the urge to do anything to it recently; too busy redecorating.

Does it work on Kindle Touch (4th generation)?

I have found out only after buying it that the KT doesn't have the Image Viewer so your app seems to be the solution: the jailbreak for the KT is out and I would be really happy if someone has tested it.
I'm a newbie in the Kindle world so I even don't know if an app needs to be programmed for a specific model or if it's universal.

Re: Does it work on Kindle Touch (4th generation)?

Yeah no idea, don't have one myself.... yet anyway :-)


the kindle-adqdevkeys-0.2 won't update, so I can't get mangle to work :( please help!

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